Saturday, August 13, 2016

New blog, new name, same price

Okay, so here we are, on yet another blog. Why? Well, since you asked, it boils down essentially to two things: cost and spam. My existing (since 2011) site, has become one of the most prolific spam magnets ever to fall between the cross hairs of bored Russian hackers. The comments require much more regular cleansing than I care to monitor. And the cost, well, let's just say there's something darn attractive about a Google blog. (For me; for you, the price is the same as always, just whatever you value your time at.) Actually, let's make that two darn attractive things. I think they're easier to maintain than WordPress blogs. Maybe that's on me for not investing the time to become a blog wizard. But that's kind of the point, innit? I don't want to invest that kind of time. I just want the damn thing to hurl words out into space. I don't want to deal with the rest of it. And I used to hand code the HTML and XML for my sites myself. Can't be bothered anymore. Not if I'm actually ever to finish my next book.

Second question on your mind. I can read it. I know. "What does Loose Vowel Movements mean?" Well, if you'd carefully read my second book, you'd know it was the name of Milo's band, back in the day. And I figured it kind of fit a blog as well as a band, because both songs and blog posts essentially break down to loose vowel movements, the churning of language, i.e., a word dump. Plus, was already taken, so I had to get clever, and that's about as clever as I get. So there you have it.

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